Julia & Julia Podcast

As a freelance designer for the Julia & Julia podcast, I designed the podcast cover and social media brand deck, including graphics for the podcast’s launch on Instagram @juliajuliapod. I wanted the cover and graphics to evoke the Julias’ parallels and differences with a fun-loving energy.

The Planning:

Podcast Description:

Julia & Julia share the same birthday, enneagram, Myers Briggs, & even the same favorite font (shoutout to Playfair Display). Yet they’ve never actually met. Join Julia Perrotta & Julia Shields every Monday as they explore what it means to create authentic connections in uncertain times, discuss current events, & unpack the hectic ride of being in their early 20’s. Through their conversations, Julia & Julia will discover their similarities and embrace the way their drastically different experiences living in North Carolina and the West Coast shape how they navigate the world – unfiltered.