Fleurir: Chanel x UNC FashionMash

Chanel wants to release a luxury beverage that celebrates their history while also doing good in communities around the world.

Through an experiential campaign as part of the UNC FashionMash Trouver La Paix experience, I art directed and lead a team of 5 students to build this experiential installation to launch Fleurir, an original beverage developed by me.

The Installation

The Product

Inspired by Chanel’s intricate fragrance curation, I created the product to bring consumers deeper into the floral history of this luxury brand.

My original product pitch – selected by our Ad Creative course for development – features a product explanation, look and feel mood board, market research, and tagline.

After collaboration with my classmates and team, we renamed the product to Fleurir.

I created a refreshed logo and tagline for the brand:

The Process