Trending @ Target

Target wants to encourage consumers age 18-24 to download and utilize their mobile app.

Through a campaign built on product innovation, I embraced digital and OOH activations to introduce Trending @ Target to Target’s mobile app.

Product Innovation

I reimagined Target’s app with personalized benefits and social media sharing to drive efficiency and enjoyment, ultimately brining a younger audience to the app.

Check out the pdf report below to see my development of Trending @ Target, Target Tapped, and the personalized benefit setup!  

An interactive mockup may be explored here:


The digital activations will encourage Instagram and Facebook users to redeem exclusive rewards on the app. This includes Trending @ Target features, Target Tapped promotion, and organic ads by app users.

(Mockup in development)


The Out of Home activations will draw in users to visit Target to find the stars of their Tok Tok For You Page.

(Mockup in development)